My Favourite Band

Snow Monster!

When I first heard Snow Monster on the FreeKY sampler, I figured it was some artsy band trying to be cool. Turns out that I had it entirely backwards. Mabel (the five-year-old superstar) is actually using her dad to craft her bizzarro tunes.

MP3: Snow Monster! - No More Sea Monster

I can honestly say that I don't think I've mouthed "OH MY GOD" more times to my friends than I did during Snow Monster's set. I was so happy that I felt like jumping up and down just as much as Mabel did. Adults are very rarely as excited as children (see the bubble machine entry), but Snow Monster made me feel that it was possible.

Portugal. The Man: "Sleep Forever"

Based on what I've heard, In the Mountain, In the Cloud is going to be the next big evolutionary leap in Portugal. The Man's discography. It's partially due to the expanded production, but mostly do the the insanely diverse songwriting. Their uptempo songs will forever be my favorites, but I think "Sleep Forever" is a huge triumph. At times it's Beatles-esque, but mostly it's just some heart-tuggingly great music that's both emotional and catchy. Cannot wait for this album.