My Favourite Band

Cricket Press

Some people get excited to meet rock stars. Me? I got excited to meet Brian and Sara Turner, the duo behind Cricket Press. Granted, the first time I met them was at the Animal Collective show in 2005, but this time was also great. My favorite Lexington artists were on hand to screen print about a hundred prints to raise money for WRFL's tower upgrade. I bought two of those blue and gold beauties and hope to one day have them framed along with my other Cricket Press posters that are currently rolled up.

Big Fresh presents a History of College Radio

If it's sunny and it's Lexington, Big Fresh are making me smile. Though I missed out on hearing their new songs (Big Fresh Forever rules), the covers set was absolutely charming. We were treated to R.E.M, XTC, Blur, De La Soul, the Smiths, My Bloody Valentine, the Flaming Lips and many, many more covers.

However, the best part came from John's daughter Violet, who started the set off with her cute interpretation of the belly dancing she'd just seen. As the band played the Velvet Underground's "Who Loves the Sun," Violet hiked her shirt up past her navel, stuck out her belly and shook around in a way that only a child can. The only moment that rivaled it also came from the underage sect. John noticed that one of the breakdancers was wearing the exact same red tracksuit as him and invited him up to dance while they did one of the two hip hop covers in their set (the name and band escape me at the moment). They were like twin wonders and I couldn't keep the smile from my face.