My Favourite Band

Well hello New York

Love is All were the first band I'd seen in New York since. probably Architecture in Helsinki back at CMJ 06. This is largely because I haven't been to New York since CMJ 06. They were a nice welcome back, though. The crowd, though clearly just waiting to see Of Montreal, seemed to be enjoying it too. Love is All played a few new songs, but knew they'd get us dancing by playing stuff off their last record. And yeah, that Flock of Seagulls cover was awesome.

Most of my photos of LIA are kind of crap because I didn't know if my photo pass would get me into the photo pit or not. I spent ten minutes trying to get a security guard's attention without losing my spot in the crowd. Eventually I found out that I could go up front, so the Of Montreal shots turned out a lot better.

Blue Cash (iTunes session)

I got Deerhoof's iTunes session in my mailbox the other day and wasted no time popping it in. Not only am I a huge Deerhoof lover, but it also has a new track on it called "Makko Shobu" that features Greg Saunier trading his drums for a piano and Satomi providing beautiful vocals. The song selected for sharing is another gem, too; "Blue Cash" is the closing track of my favorite Deerhoof record, Apple O.

MP3: Deerhoof - Blue Cash

The album version of "Blue Cash" is very rough - though enjoyable - but here they get to flesh it out more and really come up holding a fantastic finished product. Though "Blue Cash" isn't the first track I'd suggest a new listener to Deerhoof start with on their iTunes session, this version is undoubtedly going to be of much interest to longtime fans of theirs.

A quick word on "Makko Shobu" while I'm at it. Deerhoof has strong jazz leanings not so much in sound but in thought. They're very much a rock and roll band, but they play around with song structure and key more than most. On "Makko Shobu" they sound like they could be actually filed in the Jazz section though. Deerhoof have slow songs and they have beautiful songs, but this might be the slowest and most beautiful out of them all. It's entirely in Japanese and the absolute cherry of the EP.